Why Might a Child Need Physical Therapy

pediatricphysicaltherapist, April 22, 2016

Many people mistakenly believe physical therapy is only for the injured or those in pain. Pediatric Physical Therapy can be used to help children recover from injury but it can also be used to improve a child’s gross motor skills, if they are having delays in development. Thankfully, a child’s gross motor skills can be worked on throughout their day, with recess and other forms of physical activity. With this information, parents can know what warning signs may be present that would prompt them to seek Pediatric Physical Therapy Stafford TX.

Child tries to avoid running or other physical types of activity

Child finds it difficult to jump, skip, or hop

Child walks on their toes

Child has problems sitting cross-legged on the floor

Child seems overly clumsy and falls frequently

Child has trouble kicking a ball

Child has trouble catching a ball

Child runs much slower than other children

Child complains of pain in their knees, legs, ankles, or feet

If a child is experiencing any of these signs, they may be experiencing issues with their gross motor skill development. It is important parents speak with their child’s pediatrician so the child can be screened for issues that may require them to need Pediatric Therapy Services in Stafford. When a child first meets with the physical therapist, there are several tests that will be performed to determine the child’s needs. This will allow the therapist to formulate a plan of care to ensure the child will receive the therapy services they need so their gross motor skills can be increased and improved.

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TheĀ Pediatric Physical Therapist Stafford will work with the child to help them perform strengthening exercises that will increase their coordination and assist them in muscle development. This is crucial for improving their ability to walk, run, jump and perform other movements. Physical therapy can also help to strengthen the muscles so pain is lessened when a child is participating in physical activity.

There will also be exercises a child will be instructed to perform at home. These exercises may involve the parent helping the child, especially if the child is younger. A parent can help ensure the exercises are being performed properly.

If your child is having difficulty with certain types of physical activity, physical therapy can help. With the aid of a physical therapist, a child can overcome their gross motor issues for a strengthened and better functioning body.



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